Health Policy Advocacy & Market Access

Bernstein Health is a strategy consultancy firm for market access and health policy advocacy. Our team of experienced experts interweaves these two strands and knows the relevant issues, procedures and actors in detail. We offer customized solutions and create synergies for our clients through our integrated consulting approach.

A holistic approach that creates meaningful synergies

The integration of political lobbying and market access creates impact. We develop holistic strategies for pharmaceutical companies, care providers and other actors in the healthcare system at the interface between politics and the public, based on data, facts and findings.

Many years of experience and a resilient network

Rooted in Berlin and with excellent networks in Brussels and the federal states: our team has many years of experience in advising companies for whom legislation and communication are critical to success – in regulatory decisions, marketing approval or reimbursement of costs.

Integrated consulting to achieve strategic goals

Bernstein Health helps companies in the healthcare industry to successfully introduce their products in Germany. We follow health policy developments and advocate our clients’ interests in the political process. We offer effective, tailor-made services to implement the strategic goals of our clients.

We bring market access and political advocacy together

The interactions between health policy decisions and the procedures for introducing new medical products into the healthcare market are becoming increasingly important. Joining both together is essential for appropriate and patient-oriented care.

The healthcare system is changing

The healthcare system and the way in which health policy is made are undergoing lasting change. Political decision-makers and opinion leaders are increasingly thinking in terms of larger health policy guidelines. The healthcare system is becoming more political and the opportunities to help shape decision-making processes are becoming more diverse.

Covid-19 reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the system.

The pandemic is placing unprecedented demands on the healthcare system and the (health-related) political stakeholders. Covid-19 is challenging the established system. Politicians must find a way to strengthen resilience against this and upcoming pandemics while remaining efficient.

Personalized therapies require a new framework

ATMPs, personalized therapies and pharmaceuticals offer unprecedented opportunities for treating illnesses by allowing them to be tailored to individual patients. These new opportunities are also associated with new health-economic and regulatory challenges.

Cost pressure and efficiency requirements are increasing considerably.

Payers are being forced to control and limit their expenditure, and not only because of the Covid-19 crisis. The high prices for advanced therapies place a major burden on health insurance companies and are leading to financial and ethical debates. Proving the efficacy of a therapy is becoming even more important.

Market access & strategy

We identify barriers to market access and use proven methods to overcome them. We develop strategies to overcome challenges for patient access to therapies.

Price negotiations & reimbursement

We develop solutions for price negotiations in the self-management system. We analyze evidence requirements to accompany our clients every step of the way.

Political advocacy

We are conversant with German health policy and decision-making process-es. We are connected to relevant stakeholders in Berlin, Brussels and the federal states. We are actively involved in shaping health policy debates.

Corporate communications

We generate media attention for our clients’ issues. We position them in the media outlets that are relevant to them. We supplement political strategies with targeted media coverage.

Expect impact

We create modern health policy frameworks and pave the way for innovative therapies and medical services.

Senior Team

Sven Rawe

Co-Founder, Bernstein Group

Sven Rawe is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor who has successfully co-founded other companies besides the Bernstein Group. He has worked as a communications consultant and advisor on political and regulatory issues in Germany and internationally for 25 years.

Julia Spitze

Co-Founderin & Group CEO

Julia Spitze manages the business of the Bernstein Group, which, in addition to political advocacy, also offers corporate communications and data-driven political analyses. She has been advising companies and associations on their positioning in the political arena and developing political strategies for more than 15 years.

Timm Bopp

Managing Partner

Timm Bopp has been advising companies, associations and public organisations on their positioning in the political and pre-political sphere for more than a decade. In this capacity, he developed and implemented targeted public affairs strategies for various clients, in particular in the areas of consumer goods, digitalisation and mobility. Furthermore, he brings several years of expertise in political reputation management.

Before joining Bernstein Group, Timm Bopp worked as a consultant at an international Public Affairs agency in Berlin and gained experience in politics working in the office of a Member of the German Federal Parliament and in marketing, working for an SME in the energy sector. He studied in Mannheim, Copenhagen and Potsdam and holds degrees in Public Policy & Management and Political Science.

Maruan Magua

Senior Associate

Maruan Magua focuses on health policy advocacy, market access as well as reimbursability of medical services in the German healthcare system. He advises pharmaceutical and medical device companies on policy and regulatory issues related to the German Social Code Book V (SGB V). In the outpatient context, he deals with benefit assessments and reimbursement negotiations (AMNOG, EBM, GOÄ, etc.). In the inpatient sector, he accompanies processes for the purpose of market access and market penetration of innovative, clinical treatment methods (NUB reimbursement, DRG, OPS, supplementary charge for hospitals, etc.).

Prior to joining Bernstein Health, Maruan Magua gained relevant experience in several health policy process and strategy consultancies and dealt with different health policy topics, procedures and actors at a parliamentary group of a large federal state. Maruan Magua studied political science and law at the universities of Münster and Cologne.

Maximilian Widera

Head of Practice Group „Data Communications”

After completing his master’s degree with a focus on risk and crisis communication, Maximilian Widera has been advising companies from highly regulated industries on the development of their strategic communication concepts for several years. With an additional focus on litigation communication, he concentrates on protecting the reputation of corporate and individual clients.

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Current standpoints, assessments, and debate contributions from the Bernstein Health team.


  • (DE) Was können wir 2023 in der Gesundheitspolitik erwarten?

    (DE) Pünktlich zu Weihnachten 2022 hat Bundesgesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) der BILD-Zeitung ein größeres Interview gegeben. Zwischen Tipps zum Weihnachtsmenü waren auch etliche Gesetzgebungsvorhaben und Ankündigungen für regulatorische Themen gemischt. Was können wir also im neuen Jahr in der Gesundheitspolitik erwarten? Wir wagen einen Blick in die Zukunft.

  • Made in EU: The long road to European health technology assessment

    The joint vision for the European perspective on health policy was announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in 2020 in her State of the Union address: a strong European health union that pools forces and harnesses potential. Synergy effects should be generated, for instance, by a European pharmaceutical strategy that includes guiding ideas along the entire life cycle of a drug: from research and development to early access to innovations for all EU citizens.

    An important pillar of the pharmaceutical strategy is EU HTA. After decades of preparatory work, a regulation for a European benefit assessment has now been launched at the beginning of this year.

  • The European Health Data Space and its Opportunity for Improving Quality of Care

    A key component of the European Health Union is the European Health Data Space (EHDS), which was launched by the European Commission at the beginning of May. It is one of twelve data spaces which is inteded to facilitate data exchange in the EU. The European Health Data Space is to allow efficient exchange and direct access to different health data and has the chance to improve healthcare for European patients.

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